Our Services

Our Services

BB Prints is a full service, locally owned, screen printing and embroidery business that has been in operation in the California Central Valley for over 30 years. Over the years we have gained invaluable knowledge and the expertise needed to provide our customers with a wide range of promotional solutions at the most affordable cost.

Whether it is business wear, school or church organizations, bands or local baseball teams we strive everyday to make our customer's experience with us as fun and creative as possible. Your custom order is one of a kind, and so are we.


Screen Printing is the industry standard for flexibility, durability and quality. It was the process used to print your favorite t-shirt, the fine lettering in a airplane cockpit and the colorful designs on skateboards. We have worked hard to develop the techniques and experience to provide a wide variety of ways to use screen printing as the method of choice for our customers' specific needs.


For business wear or anyone who needs a more upscale and premium decoration method, we offer quality embroidery services. Embroidery is the process of using needlework to create a design, and at BB Prints we pride ourselves by using top of the line equipment and technology for very impressive embroidery! Basically anything that is fabric can be embroidered although Polos, Golf Shirts, Woven,  Jackets and Uniforms are the more popular choices. We also offer in-house digitizing services to transform your logo into a embroidery file at very affordable rates. Contact us now for your next embroidery job.


your artwork

We are absolutely obsessed with making sure you and your group look great. Our artists review every design for sizing, contrast, layering issues, and when necessary, they'll even recreate and enhance any uploaded images you send us so that they're perfect for printing. We do what it takes to make your design right.